Your Artist Studio

Your artist studio does not have to be an elaborate room or place.It can be a partial space in a room that is all your own. A place where you can go to draw or paint without being bothered. A place where you can leave your works and materials set out. It would be best if the walls and ceiling of your studio were of a neutral color; such as white or light gray. This is because colors reflected off these surfaces can affect the colors in your painting.


Diffused northern light is considered the best light source. However, this is not always available, so we sometimes have to make do with what we have. I paint quite a bit at night and use 100 to 150 watt clear bulbs, one of which is mounted on a movable stand that I made myself. More info on this to come. Now of course, I’m assuming  that, in most cases, the painting will be hung in a home with incandescent lighting so, the colors should not be affected much. Remember, this is not all cast in stone!

Support For Your Painting

It’s nice to have an easel however, It is not always necessary to have one starting out. If you are painting on a table make sure you cover it, to keep it from getting messed up. Latter, you may have the occasion to graduate to a table easel or even a full sized floor easel. The main thing about an easel is to have one that is sturdy and solidly holds the painting. If you are painting on a table, it is a good idea to occasionally  stand your painting up so that you can step back to get a better look at what you are doing.

Additional Equipment

Additional equipment you might consider for in your artist studio is a taboret. This is basically a table with storage space beneath. You may even want a second table for setting your things on or for setting up a still life. If you are going to be working sitting down, you’ll need a chair. You may want to eventually include in your studio, shelves  or cabinet for storing your panels, canvases and finished paintings. A canvas on the floor is in danger of getting damaged.

The suggestions and hints that I have listed are not cast in stone. Glean from them whatever you can use. For instance, I made my taboret, easel, light stand and cabinet myself. Yes, Heavens to moigetroid I’m one of those do it your selfers.

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