Jules Hilliard – about me

My name is Jules Hilliard  and I live in western Pennsylvania.  My interest in art goes back to my early childhood. It was then that I was encouraged by my father to take up art. I started oil painting in my teen years. After serving in the military,  I attended and graduated from The Ivy School of Professional Art in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I’ve spent about twenty eight years in the graphic arts field. I have been painting for over sixty years.  I currently paint in oils and acrylics, my favorite being oils. I generally paint how and what I feel; about the subject and about myself.  I enjoy getting out whenever I can, to paint outdoors. To me it is an exhilarating experience, something I believe every artist should do, at least once.

I am an impressionist representational painter. I get a certain amount of accomplishment when I can share my impressions with others. I also feel that same sense of accomplishment when sharing  my skills with others.

The outdoor experience is one that I strongly suggest you try. It is so much more different than painting in the studio. I have a page devoted to outdoor painting or Plein Air.  Why don’t you go there to find out about this great painting activity.

I have another website showing some of my work. I invite you to go there and look around. It’s at Fine Art Studio On Line.

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