You can learn how to oil paint the easy way, and you will learn various other techniques of oil painting here.   I will be showing you these techniques on the pages of this site.

Also, Have you ever wondered whether your composition is right?  Or, if your using the right colors?  Here is the place to find out.


You will not just learn how to oil paint the easy way and better but, you will also learn the various painting techniques to make your painting experience all the more enjoyable. I try to teach and encourage each individual to develop they’re own style.  We will also have pages where you can share with other artists, your thoughts, and questions. A place where you can post your painting and get critiques on it.

Here is an active art site that you can come to respond to, get input from other artists and by participating become a part of. This site’s for you.

Let’s start with a painting we’ll call “Wilderness Stream”. It is a good starter project and a fairly easy  way to learn How to Paint a Landscape in Oils.

The painting was made from this photo.pexels-photo-128328


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I believe that the oil painting medium is the most versatile painting medium around. Because of it’s slow drying, it allows one to paint into it. Which is part of the beauty of it. You can paint into it wet in wet, blend, and make corrections as you proceed with the painting. You can paint into it on a daily basis, or you can let it dry for a few days, then come back and paint wet over dry.

Stepping away from the painting occasionally can give you a fresh look. This can reveal something you might want to change or paint over.


There are more books about art and painting than “patch hell a mile”!  And, you could read a great many of these; and also, observe the many painting demos available. But, you will not actually become an artist until you do it yourself. Pick up and physically apply that pen, pencil or brush.   How To Oil Paint can give you a better insight to the art of oil painting.

Now, it is a good idea to study other artists. However, be careful that you do not end up copying or emulating them. You need to develop your own style. In my studies of other artists,  I have gleaned from them what I believe works for me. I recommend that you do like wise.  You can also get quite a bit of info by going to

This site is still under construction.  If you truly want to learn how to oil paint the easy way, and the many techniques that can be used to create a great painting,  encourage you to come back later to see what new features have been added.